A Special Message To All CLLA Members

Add Value & Prestige To Your Firm

For many years it has been critical to have your firm rated by Martindale-Hubble for the sake of new business development and the prestige and value that their "AV" rating brought to your firm. Today, it is a brave new world especially in the ratings game.

Ratings are no longer just dependent on how another company grades your firm but more so on your websites' internet positioning and the esthetic appeal and professionalism that your website brings to the table. Many attorneys jumped on the information superhighway some years ago and are now faced with redesigning or updating their websites to catch up with the professionally designed websites of today.

On the contrary, there are many attorneys who have had their websites professionally designed but they have failed to realize the new business development that they had hoped for because they didn't have their website properly optimized for the search engines. 

The internet is a fast paced environment in which those who do the right things with respect to driving traffic to their websites are compensated dearly for their good judgment. While those who choose to do it their own way or have chosen not do anything at all are left behind when it comes to bringing in business from the web and in adding value to their firm.

To add value and prestige to your firm as well as bring in new business from the web, you must first understand what it takes to create success on the internet and secondly, you must select the right company to achieve it for you.

Top Ten Marketing has professionally designed hundreds of attorney sites over the years and we have achieved tremendous success on the internet for our clients utilizing our search engine optimization skills that we have honed for the past 8 years. We can do the same for your firm if you are ready to add value and prestige to your firm and are ready to cash in on the bountiful harvest of new business that the web has to offer. 

~ Top Ten Marketing Web Services Team