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Website Design

Our website design services are very reasonable and are based on the complexity of the project that you wish for us to design. Some sites are simplistic in design, while still offering esthetic appeal to the viewer. Other sites involve many other types of web design skills such as flash animation, scripting, logo design, graphic manipulation, electronic forms, dynamic html, etc. Our design staff can build you a truly one of a kind website. Top Ten Marketing's Web Services Team will design your site based on your concept and specifications.


Your Satisfaction Is The Key To Our Success

Depending on the difficulty of your site and the number of pages that you wish for us to create, the finished product may take between 7 and 14 days to complete or longer. The less difficult the project, the less time to complete it. We work within your project budget by keeping our costs to a minimum whenever possible. As our client, your satisfaction in the design process is of great concern to us.  We communicate with you on a regular basis to receive any modifications that you may have to ensure the success of the design project.

Call Us To Discuss Your Project In Detail

Many designers charge exorbitant fees for custom design, while we on the other hand, maintain a level cost ratio. An ongoing project is viewable by the customer via the web during the different stages of design, in order to ensure your complete satisfaction. Most projects require a 50% advance in fees to get started. Please contact us today so that we can discuss your project in detail and give you a free estimate of our costs to achieve it. Your image on the web may be the difference between your success and failure.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is not for the faint of heart, as many companies have folded trying to keep up with the big boys in successful SEO ranking strategy and technique. Recent changes in algorithmic formulas have left but the best SEO companies able to achieve ranking results that they actually are trying to attain. Top Ten Marketing is the leader in search engine optimization for the Collection and Legal Industries, with over 40,000 optimized pages positioned in the top ten rankings on the search engines since 2003.

Many Make Promises But Few Produce

Your website landed in 82nd position (9th page of Google) for the keyword phrase you optimized for. You know, as do we all, that no one searches beyond the 3rd page of query results. Now what do you do? You search the internet and find a zillion companies that promise you the moon, along with getting you on the first page of the major search engines in 24 to 48 hours. Let's get real. The best SEO firms provide substantial proof of successful campaigns they've had for companies like yours, just as we do with our SEO clients.

Top Ten Marketing Leads The Way

Would you hire a brain surgeon to do complex brain surgery when he has no track record of success? Of course you wouldn't. Neither should you ask a self proclaimed SEO specialist to perform SEO on your website without the proof of previous successful campaigns conducted for companies similar to yours. SEO covers a very broad spectrum. Achieving results for "organic red dog biscuits" doesn't equate to successful SEO campaigns in the Collection and Legal Industries. The proof is in the pudding. Top Ten has the proof!


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Website Monitoring

Optimizing your website is only half the battle. Now the real work begins. It's called monitoring. We monitor the web positioning of all client websites in the major search engines on a weekly basis. We have many clients, thus, the utilization of cutting edge software is imperative. We are able to analyze the trends of your website optimization and have the ability to track each targeted keyword phrase as to where it ranks and whether or not it is going up or down on 128 search engines. Monitoring is crucial to your website's success.


Tweaking Accelerates Position Recovery

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, the search engine gods cause sites to drop in ranking when refreshing their indices or when they adjust their algorithms to bring about more relevant searches for their index. It is also probable that one day, your site will simply start falling in position. One of the reasons for this deals with the addition of new sites to the index or the refreshing of old sites which have fresh new content. Tweaking your html meta tag coding helps to get sites back on top and it is an important part of our monitoring program.

Secondary Gateways Create Cash Flow Continuity

As anyone can tell you, who's site has received a great deal of traffic on the internet, a secondary hosted site can create continuity in your web presence in case your main site is dropped from the major search engines. It sometimes takes an inordinate amount of time to get your main site re-indexed, meanwhile, your business becomes nonexistent because your business relies on internet traffic. Having a secondary gateway site (not a mirror site) can be the difference in keeping the cash flow coming in or losing it to your competitors.

Top Ten Marketing


The Commercial Collection Agency Association

Since our inception in 2003, our Web Services Team has achieved over 40,000 top ten page positions on the search engines and has designed hundreds of websites for our valued clients. Our web team specializes in designing and optimizing websites for Collection and Legal Industry professionals. We wish to extend an invitation to all collection attorneys, collection agencies and law firms to utilize our services to maximize their internet branding and new business development program. We are the official web design and optimization company for the Commercial Collection Agency Association of the Commercial Law League of America.

Top Ten Marketing services are also a member benefit of The Commercial Law League of America for website design, search engine optimization and marketing services. All Commercial Law League of America members receive a 5% discount for web design and search engine optimization services by mentioning the code words "Power Up" when ordering via our National Sales Office at 800-648-1914. Please read a special message to all Commercial Law League of America members from Top Ten Marketing's Web Services Team.


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